Auntie Midori’s Practical Advice: For the New Bottoms & Submissives

Online - Zoom

Presented by Midori Are you beginning to explore bottoming or submission? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing or impractical? Bring all your questions and she’ll tackle them. No BS – all practical. Some of the topic Midori will likely touch on: – Questions to ask yourself before playing – […]

Between the Worlds: Kinky Rituals & Magical Play

Online - Zoom

This class will be ASL interpreted. Presented by Sharon Pink All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals -Doreen Valiente Curious how to get deeper into ritualizing scenes? How to expand the magic that’s already there? What magic is already be part of your play? What are ways to turn the mundane into magic? […]

Basic Impact Play

Online - Zoom

Presented by Marla Renee Stewart Ever wondered how to make a spanking look so damn sexy!? Well, in this workshop, not only will you learn how to spank, and properly, to keep them coming back for more, but you will learn some amazing insider kink secrets that people don’t tell you about when you’re getting […]

“Call Me Daddy”: Exploring the Daddy Domme

Online - Zoom

Presented by Wiley Wolfe What makes a Daddy? Why, and how, might we incorporate Daddies into our kink? What does it mean for a woman or non-binary/androgynous person to claim the title? Join Primal Daddy Wiley Wolfe for an in-depth look at the masculine side of these nurturing Dominants, from softhearted caregivers to the leather […]

D/s: Near, Far, Wherever Y/you Are!

Online - Zoom

Presented by Lou and Mx Ruby This workshop will cover the following topics: – Creating long distance power exchange through regular and intentional ritual. – Acts of Service, from smaller everyday acts to larger more formal scenes. – Assignments, how to integrate assignments that work within your life and feel joyful. – Contracts and integrating […]

So Cal Creatures Pride Pet Party

Online - Zoom

Hosted by So Cal Creatures Pride season may still be put on hold, but that won't stop us pet players from celebrating our PRIDE! This year, we're bringing you a day of games, fun, and truly *wild* animal play performances! Grab your pupcorn and bring your tips as you enjoy scenes by pet players of […]

Big Wang Energy: Tips from a Drag King Emcee

Online - Zoom

Gender bending is an art form that can temporarily relieve the confines of the binary. A shape shifter and breathwork facilitator for over 15 years, "Dr. Wang" Newton leads this exploration into expanding and fortifying your energy. This is a sacred space held from the perspective of what they learned as a drag king in […]

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