Between the Worlds: Kinky Rituals & Magical Play

Online - Zoom

This class will be ASL interpreted. Presented by Sharon Pink All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals -Doreen Valiente Curious how to get deeper into ritualizing scenes? How […]

Basic Impact Play

Online - Zoom

Presented by Marla Renee Stewart Ever wondered how to make a spanking look so damn sexy!? Well, in this workshop, not only will you learn how to spank, and properly, […]

“Call Me Daddy”: Exploring the Daddy Domme

Online - Zoom

Presented by Wiley Wolfe What makes a Daddy? Why, and how, might we incorporate Daddies into our kink? What does it mean for a woman or non-binary/androgynous person to claim […]

D/s: Near, Far, Wherever Y/you Are!

Online - Zoom

Presented by Lou and Mx Ruby This workshop will cover the following topics: – Creating long distance power exchange through regular and intentional ritual. – Acts of Service, from smaller […]

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