LA Kink Pride is June 6-14, 2020

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POSTPONED: Leather Social Hour hosted by Deviant:

**This event will be ASL interpreted.

Dress up in your finest leathers – or whatever else makes you feel queer & kinky – for social hour with your peers! There will be a separate cruising room for those who want to get to know each other better. Let us start off your evening with showing off your finery, lovely conversation, community and virtual boot licks!

INSTA: @deviantparty

JUNE 7th, 2020

1:00PM – 7:00PM PST

SoCal Creatures Pride Mosh + Dark Pet Play Workshop

Join SoCal Creatures on Zoom for a day of education and animal play! Nothing will stop us from romping together and celebrating our PRIDE.

Your ticket includes access to both the Pride Celebration Mosh AND for those interested, a special workshop on Dark Pet Play with LA Pup 2020 Pup Star Orion, Mistress Wiley Wolfe, and Vixen.

1-3pm PST – Dark Pet Play workshop
3-3:30pm PST – MUSIC BREAK
3:30-7pm PST – Pride Mosh!

INSTA @socalcreatures

FB: SoCalCreatures

JUNE 9th, 2020

6:00PM – 8:00PM PST

Knuckle Up: An*l & V*ginal Fisting

Presented by Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! The act of fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their digital screens, yet it’s one of the most intensely connective and radically revolutionary s*x acts you can engage in! Manual s*x aficionado ANDRE SHAKTI is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the most accessible and overlooked s*x toys at our disposal: OUR HANDS!*



**Postponed** – Succulent Sadism: “You Do What With That?”

Presented by Rogelio Ruckus
*This event will be ASL interpreted.

From aloe to sweetgrass, and yes, even cacti, you’ll never look never look at nature the same way again! Learn the ins-and-outs of incorporating succulents in your next scene, aftercare, and maybe even some interior design. Finally a toy you can keep out when company arrives! Bring your questions, curiosity, and imagination; this is guaranteed to keep your play bag sharp!

JUNE 11th, 2020

8:00PM – 10:00PM PST

QTBIPOC Twerk Dance Party

Presented by Sunshine

Twerk your anxieties, anger, and heaviness away with Twerk Goddexx Sunshine.

From face wiggles, to booty shaking, to energy grooves. Dance is a very important and healing remedy that we all have access to. All you need is your spirit and/ or body.
Bring your sultry selves in your raunchiest clothes and share the juiciness with our filthy QTBIPOC kin!

JUNE 12TH, 2020

7:00PM -9:00PM PST

Shape Shifting: Creating Shapes with Rope

Presented by Nil

The physical challenge and aesthetic pleasure of rope is largely guided by the shapes created between the rigger, the person in rope, and the rope itself. The shapes we chose to create in rope can inspire connection and tell a story. They can heighten the intensity of a dynamic or instigate sensation and emotion. Using inspiration from body movement backgrounds, we will explore the many roles shapes play in creating dynamic rope that has intention and feeling. This all levels rope class will build your tool kit fore creating intriguing shapes with the body in rope by:

-Developing awareness of how to move the body throughout space

-Exploring what makes a shape aesthetically and physiologically interesting

-Using shapes to enhance power dynamics

-Understanding exposure, closure, expansion, contraction, resistance and release

-Exploring how to use shapes to tell a story in rope

-Applying dynamic movement to ties to create interest, increase sensation, and heighten the dynamic of a scene

This class is suitable for individuals of all levels, a familiarity with single column ties and basic frictions will be helpful but are not necessary. Participants may observe or tie along with exercises, tie solo or partnered. For those choosing to tie along, 3-5 lengths of rope will be sufficient.

JUNE 13th, 2020

11:30AM – 1:00PM PST

What You Really, Really Want: A Ritual-Based Workshop for Kinky Queers

Presented by Sharon Pink

Spend your Saturday morning immersed in ritual, connecting with your kinky wants, needs and desires.

During this workshop, you will be invited into a guided meditation, alongside writing and embodied exercises that will allow space for exploration and discovery. Whether you’re a newbie, a longtime kinkster, or interested in reconnecting with your kinky roots, there is space for you.

JUNE 13TH, 2020

1:00PM – 3:00PM PST

Thrust ‘n Grind: Lapdancing 101

Presented by Andre Shakti

When we find ourselves thoroughly infatuated with a new partner, often we’re so excited to get to the main action that we tragically overlook an opportunity for a little old-school seduction. Likewise, if your seasoned relationship has begun to feel stale, you may be scrambling to once again rev up your partner’s engine.

Do you wish you could gracefully navigate and elongate those moments between being fully dressed and completely n*de? Has a partner suggested you “dance” for them, and you were confused by what they meant? Did you scratch your head through “Showgirls” or “Flashdance” wondering how they make those pelvic rotations look so effortless? Never fear – this is the class for you!

Andre Shakti has over a decade of personal and professional lapdancing experience under her belt, and she’s ready to up your seduction ante!

*This workshop is open to all gender expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, body sizes and experience levels. NO N*DITY REQUIRED! Please utilize a sturdy-backed armless chair, wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in, and keep a water bottle handy!

JUNE 13TH, 2020

3:00PM – 4:30PM PST

Near, Far, Wherever Y/you Are: Long Distance D/s & Power Exchange

Presented by Lou Alchemy and mx. ruby
**This event will be ASL interpreted.

Lou Alchemy and mx. ruby both have personal experience with long distance relationships. They are in a 24/7 D/s dynamic, with a permanent contract. Lou Alchemy lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and mx. ruby lives in Los Angeles, California, giving their relationship a whopping 2,330 miles in distance.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

– Creating long distance power exchange through regular and intentional ritual.

– Acts of Service, from smaller everyday acts to larger more formal scenes.

– Assignments, how to integrate assignments that work within your life and feel joyful.

– Contracts and integrating regular contract review.

– Technology: use technology to add connection and tender rituals throughout the day. This will expand beyond just Facetime & Zoom. Use technology to turn on your partner’s front door light when you know they are on their way home, or hear their voice giving you navigation directions as you drive around.

– Maintaining intimacy.

– Long Distance Sex: tips, tricks, and toys.

– Absolutely zero Celine Dion content.

JUNE 13TH, 2020

5:00PM -6:30PM PST

Flogger Making Class with Firebird Leather

Presented by Nix

Want to make your own leather flogger for some kinky fun time during quarantine? Nix of Firebird Leather is teaching a DIY flogger class that will guide you through making a simple flogger. The class will be held via livestream where attendees can ask questions via chat.We will cover how to easily weave a leather handle, attach a hanging loop, and cut and attach tails. Nix will also demonstrate how to tie a Turks head knot.

Don’t have a bunch of leather just laying around? You can purchase a kit before the class that will be mailed to you! The kit includes all of the pieces of leather you will need as well as the dowel rod and finishing nails. You can also choose from several different colors of leather for the handle. Kits are limited and must be purchased 7 days before the event. Stay tuned for info about class dates and cutoff times.


JUNE 13TH, 2020

7:00PM – 10:00PM PST

Sanctuary Virtual $trip Club

Hosted by #Sanctuary


#SANCTUARY is the most authentic virtual strip club experience currently on the market. A hybrid of club performances and web-camming connection, #SANCTUARY has it all. You not only get quality performances and fun conversation, but you can buy the dancers drinks, request your favorite song, indulge in a POV lapdance and MORE! Dancers receive 100% of the tips they make and dance to their own musical selections. At #SANCTUARY we always prioritize dancers of color, Queer/Transgender dancers, and dancers of size. Peruse the website to learn more, and welcome to the family!

More info here:

JUNE 14TH, 2020

2:00PM – 4:00PM PST

Bootblacks: The Ones Who Make You Shine

Presented by Duke Ruff

Come join the Service Pig himself, LA Bootblack 2019 Duke Ruff, as he introduces you to Bootblacks, leather and leather care. Duke will go over history, stand etiquette, leather care and answer all your burning Bootblack questions.

Part workshop. Part discussion.

Basic leather care equipment optional if they want to work along, but not required.

Hard polish, cream polish, shoe grease, cut up cotton T-shirt, glycerine soap, lighter and brush with stiff bristles.

JUNE 14TH, 2020

4:00PM – 6:00PM PST

Consent Unbound

Presented by Scarlett Sin

Navigating consent needn’t be as messy as it often seems to be. How to discuss it, how to navigate it and how to heal from the absence of it.

Join Scarlett Sin to converse about proactive ways in which you can deck out your radical consent toolkit, learn about VEROS consent, while also navigating the world after consent has been breached helping us to reduce risk, support those in need, mitigate harm and learn about practices of accountability and healing.

This’ll be part class, part workshop, ALL collaborative and affirming.

The presenter’s share of proceeds from this class will benefit The ACE Fund, a program to assist those in our communities affected by the COVID pandemic with tax free, non-refundable micro grants.


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